Sunday, September 16, 2012, Becky T. wrote:

I am always suprised, or shall I say, at "Awwe" with Linda's complete accuracy with her predictions. I can't even begin to describe the time, effort and energy that she continously provides in helping those who may need her support and advice. Each and everytime that she has helped provide me with some direction, in certain situations, within my life, she has never disappointed me. And everything she had advised me to do, has always truned out just the way in which she had predicted! Whether the prediciton had turned out to be a bad or good one, she always tells the truth and the truth is one thing that many of us never receive. if it were not for Linda, I am not so sure as though i would have chosen the path in which I was predicted to take. Because of her compassion, empathy and love for others, I strongly feel, in fact i know, that she only deserves the very best in return, at least from me. I have witnessed her abitility to forsee many things throughout the years, and it never ceases to amaze as to how things actually turn out in the end. I can count on her and her strong abilities to help guide and protect me through out my life's journey! I will continue to have faith and trust in her always.


I was using my computer and all of a sudden, the screen started to just move by itself, and I told Lin about it and she told me that there were two dark entities in my home.  I knew that I felt something strange going on in my house and so I left because it scared me, and she ask me where was the nearest window to my computer was and I told her.  Lin told me that I had to get back to the house ASAP because she had removed them but they were clinging to the windows outside my house.  I hurried home and was actually scared to enter, and she told me that the inside of my house was safe and to cover the mirrors in my house.  I was amazed at this and I obeyed her and told her that I had done all she asked me to do.  It was a few minutes later that she told me that I should not look out at the backyard because she was destroying them back there, and I should not look out until the morning. There was this foul smell that came in my living room and I had this horrible headache.  I noticed that the headache left the same time the smell left.  Lin told me that the odor was from the entities and that was why I had the headache. I was told some other things to do also and I did them.  It was getting late and I was already tired and I tried to go to sleep, and I dosed off to sleep and I was awakened by something pulling my hair and I could not speak, I finally managed to say Jesus, and it immediately left and I told Lin about it, and she told me what to say to make them stay away.  I sleep the rest of the night and when the morning came I had this refreshed feeling and I felt light, I know that Lin is real and has a special gift, and if there is anyone who can who doubts,  just ask anyone who she has done work for.  It is now a few days after the work was done and I am still feeling the results, I know Lin is the real deal.

Ask and There IT IS!

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